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About Me - Education and Experience

Growing up I was surrounded by animals. My neighbour had a dining room filled with exotic animals and bred show cats. She was featured on Blue Peter and I was aiding her in caring for them all. My father was a diving instructor and so I was learning about aquatic animals from a young age. Then with a dog, cat, goat, horse and a hamster I was set. I’ve always been around a vast number of species and have studied all my life to work with them. I have never had any phobias so I threw myself into education.

I have qualifications in:


And I am still learning to this day!

I also hold animal transport type 1 documentation and a animal exhibitors licence.

I am a member of the International Herpetology Society.

I have swam with Manatees and jumped into the water with reef sharks in America. I’ve been night snorkelling in Menorca and suddenly found myself surrounded by jellyfish. This was no more that 100 metres out, they had been washed in just nights before from a storm. I did get stung but it’s just another experience. I’ve rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed unwell and cruelly treated dogs. In a hydrotherapy pool I aided in the recovery of dogs after operations. Here I also trained racing dogs and helped the conditioning of dogs for Crufts. I study homeopathic remedies for animals to compliment modern medicine.

My business has led me on to Anglia television, many radio talk shows and into newspapers. I have also recently had the pleasure of meeting David Attenborough, where I was asked to entertain the line at his book signing. I have done talks in colleges and the Royal Institutions famous Faraday Lecture Theatre in Mayfair London.

I have held alligators and been kissed by dolphins. I deal with aggressive snakes and dogs but with my handling we always have a good outcome. I am always calm around animals as everyone should be. There are many more stories that I could tell you, maybe if we meet we can exchange them. If you have any questions then please contact me.

I offer free advice through a phone call and hope that I can help.

My aims for the future

With Natural history and the environment being a large part in the future of our children, I have many goals. People are becoming more aware that the world around us needs our help, and that’s why I teach. We may not be able to clean the world overnight but we can do our best to help the wildlife that surrounds us today.

I have a truly natural garden which is inviting to a whole variety of native species of animals and wild flowers. Birds, amphibians and a grass snake are all guests at my house and are welcome to stay as long as they like. After hearing the news that the humble bumble bee is becoming endangered, I built an ideal habitat for them and by the end of the summer they had moved in. 

Wildlife rehabilitation and the protection of our worlds wildlife is a priority. I often have neighbours knocking at my door with an injured bird or a frog that their cat had played with. I do my best and we all need to, with recycling and stopping the air and ground pollution nature will rejuvenate itself. So lets all do our best for the conservation of the future.

I always encourage the respect of animals in their natural habitat. Through education I strive to create awareness, build confidence and overcome people’s fears. With this method of teaching we are helping the next generation to correct the mistakes of others.

Let’s make it a clearer outlook.