Educational animal displays for the classroom and parties


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Comments from schools:

The children absolutely loved it. Joanne explained a lot about the animals, including what they eat, how they live and where they come from, and the children were able to touch some of them. They had a fantastic time.
We really enjoyed the visit. Joanne was very interesting to listen to and made sure all the children were included. They found the 'minibeasts' fascinating and had all their questions answered fully. Thank you very much!
We were delighted with the visit. Being a school with severe and complex difficulties, it is often difficult for people who visit us to engage with the children appropriately and get down to their level, but Jo was excellent and I had 100% feedback on the workshops, a rarity indeed!
Both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. The children were allowed to handle the animals while being taught about where they come from and what they eat. It was fun and very educational.
An excellent morning! Jo pitched the information at just the right level for our children. They asked a number of questions and learned a great deal.
The students remained engaged the whole time and all loved looking at and touching the animals. Many students who were initially scared of the animals ended up touching then and overcoming their fears. Thanks you Jo!
An excited buzz in the classroom. The children had real opportunities to have first-hand experiences - handling animals and entering the rainforest.
Excellent - interesting and lots of information. Thank you.
Interesting information shared. Children very excited by the experience.
Really enjoyable and educational ('Adaptation and habitats'). The children loved it.
Lots of facts and good combination of holding and talking/discussion. Thank you.
Fantastic information and very interesting!
An excellent session! Really informative and the children loved it. Year 3/4 - really good; children really enjoyed it. Very informative and good questions for the children. Links very well with science and habitats.
Reception - Fantastic! Loads of information at appropriate level for the children and great choice and variety of animals. The children loved it and a great experience for them. Thank you.
Year 2/3 - Thank you Jo for a great session. The children loved it. Lots of good information. The children are going to draw, write and research the animals.
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