Educational animal displays for the classroom and parties

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take photos?
Yes you can. The animals are used to it and don’t tend to get distressed, but I do watch the amount that are taken.

Can you merge lessons?
I can depending on which lessons you want merging. This also normally means that the lessons are slightly longer than normal.

Can you do different lessons in a day?
Every lesson I teach can be different. We can discuss this before I arrive.

Do you need a hall to set up in?
I can work from a hall or go between classrooms. The room I work from does need to be warm.

How much room do you need?
I need just a small space to put a large box down. I will manoeuvre myself between the participants.

Do you supply hand wipes?
I cannot supply hand wipes to be sure that no-one has an allergic reaction. The venue needs to have hand washing facilities.

Will you travel out of your normal area?
Occasionally I do but within reason. Please contact me and I will see what I can do.

Can you do joint birthday parties?
Yes and both will take it in turns to handle the animals first and both will get to hold the tarantula.

How many animals do you bring?
Normally around 8 animals and in some lessons it requires me to bring baby animals along with eggs and exoskeletons.

Are they all your animals?
They are all pets that live with me. They are all tame and any new animals are handled frequently before doing a display for the first time.

Can you return for a second day?
I do often return for a second or even a third day when going into larger schools.