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Prices for 2018

To some people my charges seem low. I believe that pupils should have the opportunity of seeing a range of visitors in a year and not spending the entire budget on just one. All children should have the chance of many experiences in the year. Offering a reasonable price for my services gives them this opportunity.

All the prices that I quote are inclusive of petrol and all expenses. I like to keep everything simple with no hidden extras.

Prices start from £110 to £280 for a full day of 5 lessons. It works out to less than £2 a child. I can sometimes teach six lessons in a day if I teach two lessons with the younger children for 45 minutes and four lessons at an hour long each or six lessons of 45 minutes in total.

I do run with the schools times and can set up in a hall environment or go between lessons. I do prefer the hall as it means not moving the animals.

I can return for a second or third day for larger schools. Coming for a second day will cost £510 for the two days combined.

Prices can vary depending on the lesson running time and the number of children.

Birthday parties
Parties can range from £110 to £160 depending on the number of children and where the party is being held. If on the day there are more children than originally discussed, the difference will need to be paid. I still say that I am cheaper than a bouncy castle and much more educational!

Please note that all joint birthday parties will start from £140 and that out of my area prices are subject to the individual booking and may cost more.

Other events
The cost varies depending on where the event is and the details on the day. Please ring me and I can put these factors together for you and give you a price.