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Special Needs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many people who have severe and complex learning difficulties, moderate learning difficulties to others who have severe cases of autism and physical complications. I now have a great understanding of how to communicate with them and thoroughly enjoy my visits to their schools. They should all have the opportunity of interacting with animals and I have adapted ways so they can all have the pleasure of handling them.

I have great satisfaction in knowing that I can assist in stimulating their senses. I have an animal that smells strange and snake skins for them to touch. They will experience many different animal textures and sounds.

I have a British Sign Language level 1 certificate.and Makaton level 1

I saw an autistic boy that on arrival said that he hated snakes. He was slightly panicking so I sat and spoke to all the children first and reassured them that my animals are pets and are all friendly. To show how friendly my animals are, I occasionally kiss them. By the end of this lesson the boy also wanted to kiss my snake and told me he loved them. I was overjoyed I always do my best for the individual and in this case it was a real breakthrough.

I always arrive early so that I can assess each person individually. The children or adults that have the urge to grab can also touch the animals but I need assistance to hold their hands still. I am more than happy to teach lessons to those who have learning difficulties. Please take a look at the lessons I teach and I can adapt one to your needs.

With my animals, enthusiasm and a little help from a few brave volunteers everyone always has a great time. I have 100% positive feedback so together let’s give them an opportunity they wouldn’t normally get.

Please note:
These classes must have a maximum of 35 children as endorsed by the education authorities across the UK. This also ensures the children get the full benefit of the experience.I supply you with a confirmation, terms and conditions, school risk assessment, and invoice in plenty of time prior to the booking. I can also supply you with evidence of my insurance and clear criminal basic disclosure. I have also recently completed a safeguarding awareness course. Of course I also supply you with an amazing animal handling experience.