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Educational Displays

Hello to 'minibeasts' (3-8 years)
Have a close encounter with invertebrates and see them put into simple groups. Minibeasts have no bones but a hard outer skin to protect them. This lesson is to introduce to younger children that all animals are different. If they have been learning about butterflies, bees and other small animals then this is a great support for you. With the aid of vertebrate and invertebrate animals the children can see the differences for themselves.

Senses (3-11 years)
How are our senses different to animals? See the five senses in a different way. Millipedes have simple eyes and are practically blind, snakes cannot hear but sense vibrations through their scales. The children can use all their senses to tell me about my animals. With one creature that smells strange and one that makes noise this is a great look at another way of living

Nocturnal Animals (6-11 years)
In this lesson they will meet many of my nocturnal animals. Learn what it is to be a nocturnal or diurnal animal. Why they are nocturnal and what senses aid them to navigate in the dark. A lesson which is now new to the curriculum - I can give a fresh view to the subject.

Lifecycles (7-14 years)
Watch them grow! With the aid of eggs and exoskeletons pupils can see the different stages of development. Take a look at how living plants and animals start in life. Older children can learn about the breeding behaviour and courtship. Be sure that the pupils will have many questions.
This is a fun hands-on lesson which all will find interesting.

Habitats (7-14 years)
How have these animals adapted to their environments and what do they need from their habitat to survive? Animals from all over the globe have diverse characteristics that make them fascinating. We discuss why animals have these adaptations and how they help the animals to survive. At a higher level of education we will speak about the anatomy differentials also.

Food webs (8-14 years)
All food energy begins with the Sun and photosynthesis. See how one source relies on the other. Together we can group animals according to their diet and nutritional requirements. Talking about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores the students may also learn some new ‘ivores’. See the animal’s adaptations that help them to find food and to stop being food themselves.

Animal Classification (8-18 years)
See how to classify vertebrates and invertebrates and how to tell them apart. Animals and plants are living things. There are 7 functions they do that class them as being alive. Learning to group animals can be confusing but with holding and seeing them up close makes it simple to classify. If there is an exam in this subject coming up then get me in first and they will all pass. By the end of this subject the pupils will be able to classify with ease.

Rainforest Layers (all ages)
Travel in the rainforest layers and meet many animals that live there. Starting on the dark damp floor all the way to the tall 240-foot emergent trees, I have an animal from every layer. I teach about the global coverage of the forests, the rainfall and about the everyday products that we use. This subject is full of amazing facts that maybe the teachers will need to take notes. It still fascinates me now and this is a great lesson for all ages.

Animal mix (all ages)
They will learn and have fun doing this. They can ask questions and learn some amazing facts. A great animal handling experience.

Careers (10-18 years)
Learn how - just like animals in life - people must be adaptable also. A look into working with animals and how I have adapted to creating a business whilst still learning to this day. Having a foot in many doors, leaving every opportunity available.

Please note:
These classes must have a maximum of 35 children as endorsed by the education authorities across the UK. This also ensures the children get the full benefit of the experience.I supply you with a confirmation, terms and conditions, school risk assessment, and invoice in plenty of time prior to the booking. I can also supply you with evidence of my insurance and clear criminal basic disclosure. I have also recently completed a safeguarding awareness course. Of course I also supply you with an amazing animal handling experience.