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Animal Selection

I have many fabulous animals in my collection and it depends on the party and the subject I am teaching as to which ones I bring. I cannot guarantee a particular species but I am always open to requests. All of my displays will have a snake and a tarantula present and then it will depend on the subject, which animals have been working that week, the age of the participants and which animals may be shedding. My animals are not overworked and they come first with all of my decisions.

I do not own any furry animals as I don’t like to mix them in the same room with snakes. All of my animals are exotics and I have many across the species and world. I care for my animals for the duration of their life and do not sell them just to get another.

There are photos of some of my animals in the gallery but I have plenty more in the house. The invertebrate species will vary greatly as some of their lifespans are not very long. Please talk to be about the specific species as I’m sure you will understand that some of my animals are unusual and I don’t wish to list the species on the website.

I will bring up to 8 animals in each display and normally one of each species unless you request otherwise. If you want to request more snakes, more lizards, more frogs then please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Snakes x 4 species, constrictors and a shaker species. Ground and tree.
Lizards x 4 species, climbing and ground
Tortoise x 1

Frogs x 4 species, tree frogs and ground
Toads x 2 species, both underground digging. 1 is quite large
Salamanda x 1

Invertebrates (may include)
Tarantulas x 5 including tree and ground species
Cockroaches x 3 species
Giant millipedes x 5 species
Beetles x 2 species
Worms x 2 species
Stick insects x 4 species
Praying Mantis x 2 
Other minibeasts (smaller for small hands and nursery age)

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